Some of my papers are posted on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). I am on Mendeley and ResearchGate as well. I also maintain an informal collection of significant events and issues in U.S. equity market microstructure. Students interested in honors work should go here. Any student in or out of the college of business that wants to work as an unpaid research assistant can receive publication credit if the resulting work is of sufficient quality.


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Rush, S. and Mirmirani, S., 2009, Can Increased Trade Prevent Conflict with China? International Business and Economics Research Journal 8.2

Working Papers

A Network Analysis of Information Diffusion

Do Informed Equity Investors Trade on Currency Information?

Identifying and Pricing Adverse Selection Risk with VPIN

Research In Progress

Broker Execution and Adverse Selection

Toxic Order Flow in Eurodollar Futures

Idiosyncratic Risk and Security Selection

When Does Asset Pricing Matter?

Information Diffusion in the Korean Stock Market

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