Some advice for optimizing an undergraduate university experience.

An introductory examination of how a business plans its needs for funds, raises the necessary funds, and invests them to attain its goals.

A study of the nature of securities, the mechanics and costs of trading, and the way in which securities markets operate. Risk-return analysis will be applied in making decisions to buy or sell stocks, bonds and options. Written analysis is required.

A study of the role of financial services companies in the money and capital markets, funds acquisitions, investment and credit extension.

A practical guide to constructing, evaluating, and managing equity portfolios.

I maintain a list of projects for undergraduate and masters level research. All projects involve learning some computer code in R, Python, or VBA. I am also willing to help develop an existing idea if it is feasible within reasonable time and data constraints.

A survey course for doctoral students designed to provide exposure to recent theory and empirical methods in corporate finance.