Stephen J Scaysbrook

Welcome to my site, my personal home for all my thoughts, writing, memories and just about anything else I can think of.

My Tech site host all my construction stuff, from lectures to passing thoughts on construction, my papers and Construction in general, Heritage building, the Digital world from CAD through to Sensors, and my Chartered Architectural Technologist side,

But this site hosts my personal interests from Astrology, Maths and my role as a Futurist, travel, photography to all sorts oh and my family Scaysbrook Genealogy hosted on a separate site.

I am also listed on a couple of networking sites, again take a look at the menu and check them out, I think Linkedin is probably the one I visit most, that and Twitter

I have for a long time owned, but a mistake I made in transfering it to google allowed a domain trawler to scoop it up, I have tracked down the individual but the purchase price is stupid, so I purchased and now use this as my personal site domain, so if you have steve, as my contact, please delete it and use the address in the contacts section.

All my Global travel - Google My Maps

Travel has always been a big thing with me, so I have over the years kept a google Map of all my trips and places visited