about stephanie b.

My photography is about being real. It's about being true to the moment that happened, to that split second of a life. You won't find any weird props or unnecessary gizmos among my shots. This feeling of real-ness also flows through my editing process: I choose to enhance what is instead of changing it into something it is not.

My photography is about beauty. The more I immerse myself in my photography, the more I seem to find things and moments that are beautiful, naturally, and that are worth immortalizing in a shot.

My photography is about life. I feel so humbled when someone asks me to take part in a moment, an event, just so that they might remember it better for years to come. There is something truly fulfilling in the fact that I am helping others appreciate the importance of every moment.

I started doing photography four years ago. After my first pictures were taken, and I got to see the results on my computer, something huge shifted in place, right in my stomach. Since then, I have not stopped cataloging everything in my life, everyone I meet, every connection that I make. I began shooting for my friends and family, and the pleasure it brings me has taken over my life. What began as a hobby has become a passion, and true source of happiness.

Aussi, je suis heureuse de pouvoir offrir mes services en francais!