The Sweet Life / La Dolce Vita


ceramic, plastic, marker, acrylic paint

580 x 430.5 x 450.5 mm

Courtesy of the artist

This sculpture is a satire to the Trevi fountain scene in the film La Dolce Vita. The unconventional materials have been attached and entwined together with a lace motif. Although the lace unites the objects they still stand individually; much alike Marcello’s one-sided relationship towards character Sylvia.

Marcello expresses his infatuation towards Sylvia “You are everything... everything! You are the first woman on the first day of creation. You are mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth, home.”

However his pursuit ends when Sylvia wades into the Trevi Fountain, he wades in after her, although Sylvia remains forever out of reach.

The Sweet Life / La Dolce Vita in South Perth Emerging Artist Award Exhibition - click here

"I'm interested in the use of everyday objects, that in most cases have been discarded because they're broken or not needed. Repurposing these objects to reinstate value, essentially turning them into some thing that is now exciting and noticeable."