Instructional coaches spend significant time preparing and planning for professional learning opportunities with teachers. We want to ensure teacher learning experiences are engaging, authentic, model best practices and have immediate connections to the classroom.

This is a digital collection of my coaching playbook: the ideas, practices and activities I have collected over time to engage educators in professional learning.

It is my hope that digitizing my toolkit will support other coaches doing this kind of work. We are all in this together! Read more in my initial blog post here!

Instructional Coaching Toolkit

I hope this resource helps streamline your planning and bring a bit of joy to the process. I encourage you to create your own coaching toolkit and borrow these pages for inspiration. I’ll continue to update this digital version as my actual toolkit grows and have created a Remind list for those that would like notifications each time it is updated.

I hope this helps you plan for professional learning and offers a bit of coaching inspiration as well! I also hope that you will share your successful pages with me as well.

We are in this together!