Online Learning

Technology has transformed professional learning for educators.

Technology has expanded what is possible for professional learning to make teacher learning more meaningful, relevant and authentic. It has the potential to strengthen practice and teacher expertise through digital tools to help teachers become part of something larger than themselves.

I offer educators personalized online learning experiences that harness the power of technology and digital tools to connect teachers together, encourage collaboration and community, strengthen expertise and experience transformed pedagogy firsthand as models for the classroom. Choose from facilitator-led courses for professional learning hours or graduate credit or self-paced online learning to suit your personalized learning goals.

This course invites instructional coaches to invest in their own professional learning, deepen understanding of coaching pedagogy and ultimately, transform coaching through the creation of a coaching sketchnote book to foster intentional planning, curate coaching inspiration and ultimately, empower teacher learning.

The PLN Project invites educators to cultivate their personal learning network (PLN) to empower themselves as lifelong learners, nurture their professional curiosity and create a connected support system for continued teaching inspiration.

Build a Reading Identity invites educators to explore their reading lives, to become wide and avid readers of children’s literature and to apply their experiences to their classrooms to better connect students to books and cultivate a love of reading.