Underwater Robot

Welcome to my Underwater Robotics PBL! We decided to create an underwater robot capable of traversing obstacles while submerged via the use of 3 motors and a controller on the surface. the general idea is that this robot can, with slight modification, compete in an underwater robotics competition. This type of technology could also be used by companies that need to maintain underwater technology that is hard to access. Examples include fiber optic cables used by internet companies that stretch for miles underwater. This innovation is often used in fiber optic communications and are stronger than regular data cables.

Our completed project. We made some cosmetic adjustments from the original design.


Is a low-budget autonomous underwater vehicle possible? If it is, what are it's capabilities, and what would be its limiting factors? Would it be applicable in deep sea cable repair, or even oil extraction?

Download Our Brochure:

Underwater Robot Brochure - Word

Underwater Robot Brochure - PDF