Ștefan Gună


I'm a computer scientist working for Amazon.

Before that, I worked on Adobe's cloud infrastructure on the Identity SRE team - our goal was to provide 99.99 availability for the core Identity services. I've worked on the backend system that provides various UIs with an abstraction layer to handle identity and entitlement on the Creative Cloud. I've also built from scratch a transactional emailing service that is used by other Adobe services. At some point, I've also helped to identify new ideas and review patent applications in my local campus.

In November 2011 I got my PhD in computer science from the University of Trento. There, I was part of the D3S group and I worked in the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science.

My research during the PhD focused on the problem of monitoring distributed global properties expressed using state variables of nodes in wireless sensor networks. I am also interested in energy-efficient neighbor discovery protocols which enable the monitoring of global properties on mobile nodes and other applications such as social study of wildlife, assisted living, etc. In my endeavors, I was supervised by Prof. Gian Pietro Picco.

Previously, I have been a software engineer at Ixia and worked on tools for performance testing of IP networks (specifically, VoIP protocols). I graduated from the Computer Science Department of Politehnica University in Bucharest.