Stefan Zeisberger

Investor Psychology, Behavioral Finance and FinTech

Why do individuals, even financial professionals, often make sub-optimal financial decisions? And what can we do about it?

A large part of the answer can be found in psychology. I conduct fundamental as well as practically relevant research in investor psychology ("behavioral finance") and use my insights to consult banks and insurance companies improving their products and services. Primarily, I develop and implement innovative methods to measure and assess the risk preferences of investors (“risk profiling”), taking into account the ongoing digitization in the financial industry (FinTech). My research aims understanding investor psychology and supporting them making better decisions.

Professor of Finance, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Professor for Fintech - Experimental Finance, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Associate with BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions, Zurich, Switzerland


2019-06-10: New working paper: What makes an investment risky? An analysis of price path characteristics (with C. Borsboom)

2019-04-01: New working paper: What drives risk perception? A global survey with financial professionals and laymen (with F. Holzmeister, J. Huber, F. Lindner, M. Kirchler and U. Weitzel)

2018-11-10: Join my talk at the Amsterdam Behavioral Science Network on November 28th, 2018 in Amsterdam

2018-10-27: New publication: How Persistent are the Effects of Experience Sampling on Investor Behavior?, Journal of Banking & Finance (2019) with M. Bradbury and T. Hens

2018-05-01: Read our new practical research paper on "Investor Risk Perception in the Netherlands" in collaboration with the Dutch regulator Autoriteit Finaniële Markten AFM

2018-01-17: Some practical insights from my research: What sugar and coffee have to do with investing: Becoming a better investor with simulated experience

2017-12-21: Bitcoin-Bubble? Article in the Dutch Financial Times (in Dutch): Die bitcoin slijt je wel weer aan een grotere onnozelaar

2017-09-26: New publication "All's well that ends well? On the Importance of How Returns Are Achieved" accepted at the Journal of Banking & Finance.

2017-09-07: Article on current developments in behavioral finance and FinTech (in Dutch) published in "Financieel Management"

2017-08-06: Completely revised paper "All's well that ends well? On the Importance of How Returns Are Achieved" available.

2017-07-27: New working paper available: "Does Investor Risk Perception Drive Asset Prices in Markets? Experimental Evidence" (with J. Huber and S. Palan)