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This site has information about how I run my class, how I grade, and sites you should register for...

Actions That Get Or Cost You Points

Absents & Attendance (This Is Worth Points)

While SVCTE does not grade on attendance, if you are absent you will miss Class work, Lab work and other work that will be hard to make up because you were not here. If you have an excused absents, you will be able to make up work the next day you are back at school. If you were out one day, then you will have one day to make up the work


Do BOTH of these steps: - 2 points if you don't

  1. Have a parent or guardian call - If you are going to be absent, makes sure you have a responsible parent or guardian call in and explain the reason you are absent - 408-723-4260 If you do not do this, you will have an UNEXCUSED ABSENTS
  2. TEXT OR EMAIL ME - You also will need to tell me. Just like you would text or email your boss, you have to tell me. I don't really care what the reason is... but you need to communicate with me, to show me you are professional.
    • If you are sending me Email please use
    • If you are txt'ing me (no voice) use 1 (408) 785-6649

Classroom Cleanup (This Is Worth Points)

Classroom Cleanup Jobs & How To Do Them <-- for a list of class jobs and my expectation on how they should be done. This task is graded every week, and you will be awarded 2 points a day for completing your task, for a total of 10 points a week... these are easy points, so don't do your job only half way...

Student Support & Services

Bullying Support

You can always talk to me. I will always keep our conversations confidential (with the exception of my mandatory reporter responsibilities). I will not tell anyone you don't want me to.

  • STOPit - Anonymous Reporting tool. STOPit gives students a private place to report things that are going on with them or things they see in happening in school. This program as a reporting tool, not just anti-bullying.
  • Stop Bullying is good resource
  • Anti-Bulling Alliance is another good resource

Connectivity and Other Logistics

Logging Into Student Laptops

The Mechatronics Engineering Laptops have a few accounts that you can log into. Your options are the following.

Link: Accessing Technology Presentation (PDF)

WARNING: Please don't try to create additional users, change the passwords, add PIN, etc on these accounts.

  • If you mess up a computer, or hack your self into not being able to log in, you will not have a computer until it gets fixed by our IT dept.
  • Only log into the account you are authorized to use.
  • If you ever encounter that you are logged in as a different user, please log out and log in as your appropriate User.
  • In the "Real World" if you use another Users account with out authorization or permission, you could get fired... In this class there will be consequences too... While some of you may know how to get around Windows security, please don't. If at any time I can't log in to your computer, and make updates, because you changed passwords, or user account setting, we will have a conversation with you, your parents and the school administration. See the student handbook

Mechatronics Engineering Students: If you are one of my students in the Mechatronics Engineering AM or PM class, your options are the following:

  • AM_Student <-- If you are a AM student, you will use this user account. Do not log into any other accounts, and if you find that another user is still logged in , please log out and then re-log in as AM_Student. See Your instructor for the AM _Student password
  • PM_Student <-- If you are a AM student, you will use this user account. Do not log into any other accounts, and if you find that another user is still logged in , please log out and then re-log in as PM_Student. See Your instructor for the PM _Student password

Mechatronics Workshop Student: SVCTE will hold various workshop where students will need to use these laptops. If you are in one of these workshops, the instructor will provide you with a password

Mechatronics Instructor: This is just for the Instructor, so no students need to attempt to log in

Administrator: This is just for the Instructor, so no students need to attempt to log in

Connecting to the Interweb

In the Mechatronics Engineering Class we have a number of networks you can connect to, but typically you will connect to the Mechatronics_Students network. If there is a problem, you could try one of the other networks, but they will not have all the class access that the Mechatronics_Students does.

Link: Accessing Technology Presentation (PDF)

  • User = Mechatronics_Students Password = Mechatronics709
  • User = MetroEDGuest Password = 760Hilldale
  • User = MetroEDStudent Password = CareerTech

Joining The Mechatronics Engineering Google Classroom

Link: Accessing Technology Presentation (PDF)


Dig Deeper - Site that will help you Learn

Register For The Sites

Sites you should register for and be able to login to. We will be using these sites during the year. Please click on the following link and when I direct you, please register for these sites.