These are site we may use as part of my curriculum, sites you will find education opportunities, or sites that will expand your technical knowledge. The following is also my recommendation for what Email to use and usernames and passwords.

  • EMAIL - Use an email that you will have control of in a year or more from now. This should probably NOT be your school email, because you will eventually lose access to that. I recommend getting a personal Google Gmail address. if you don't have a Google email already, you could try to get your then your name is always followed by Awesome... Awesome right?
  • Username - Pick one you will remember
  • Password - Again, pick one you can remember...

We Will Be Using Curriculum On The Sites - Kinda Required To Function In My Class

Udemy - "What do you want to learn?"

Instructables - "let's Make..."

Dig Deeper - Sites Where You Will Grow By Learning

Mechatronics Class Google Sites

AM Mechatronics Engineering Google Class

PM Mechatronics Engineering Google Class