The emblem of Sanjivani Education Society, our parent body clearly signifies the vision with which it was established.

• The emblem with lines from Saint Tukaram’s Abhanga,

“असाध्य ते साध्य करिता सायास |

कारण अभ्यास तुका म्हणे”.

It means impossible will be possible, if you do hard work and take effort.


The mission of the Institution is-

• Providing quality education to the students belonging to rural background and poor strata of all religions and castes in the society.

• Focusing on the improvement in the educational standards of the rural students.

• Concentrating on the socio-cultural and educational improvement of the rural students.

• Inculcating the moral, human and social values in the students.

• Inspiring the students for the research activities and promoting them for creativity.

Communication of vision, mission and Objectives:

• We communicate our Vision, Mission and Objectives to students, teachers and other stakeholders through every program in the college.

• Our vision, mission and objectives are displayed at the prominent location in the college premises.

• The vision, mission and objectives of the college are displayed on the official website of the college.

• Our Vision, Mission and Objectives are also printed in the college Prospectus.