Expectations of teenagers on summer courses

As a student of St Clare’s, you will be expected to behave in a way that shows respect and consideration for:

a) yourself

b) your fellow students and

c) the college community as a whole.

We have a few rules, but we expect you to read them carefully and take them seriously!

Please note: St Clare's reserves the right to expel any student whose behaviour is unacceptable.

The Course

1. Punctuality and attendance at lessons

St. Clare's is a serious language learning institution. It is your responsibility to attend all lessons and to arrive punctually for each class.

2. Participation in lessons

You are expected to participate actively in lessons and to complete homework assignments as required.

3. Involvement in activities and excursions

You should participate fully in the activity and excursion programme in the evenings and at weekends.

Legal Requirements

1. Alcohol

You must not drink alcohol at any time during your stay in Oxford. If you break this rule we reserve the right to expel you at your own expense without further warning.

2. Drugs

You must not use illegal drugs, including cannabis. We reserve the right to search your room if we suspect you of using drugs and to send you home at your own expense if you are found with illegal drugs. Parents and police will also be informed.

(The college also reserves the right to ask you to take a formal drugs test if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting drug-taking. The results will be available in 48 hours and will determine the decision. Failure to comply with the request to take a test will mean that you are not willing to accept the rules of the college community and you are effectively withdrawing from the course.)

3. Smoking

Smoking is strongly discouraged at St. Clare’s – it is bad for your health and bad for the health of others. Smoking is not allowed in any college buildings or in the streets around the college under any circumstances.

(If you must smoke and you have your parents’ permission there is just one small area inside the College grounds where smoking is permitted and monitored.)

4. Internet Use

The ICT facilities are owned by St. Clare's, and are made available to further your education. They should only be used for academic purposes and limited personal use. Personal use is a privilege, not a right and you must follow the guidelines below. You should not:

access any site that you would be embarrassed to show your teacher or parents

post anything, including imagery or video/audio files, about any other member of St. Clare’s that might be considered rude or insulting or which would bring the good name of St. Clare’s into disrepute

access gambling sites or politically extreme sites whose values conflict with a belief in democracy, tolerance and individual freedom.

House Rules for older teenagers at St. Clare’s

1. Damage deposit

You must give the house warden a £30 deposit when you arrive. The deposit is returned to you on the last morning of your stay, if you return your keys and you leave the room tidy and undamaged.

2. College ID card

You receive your ID card when you arrive. It is an important document: it allows you to enter many of the buildings at St. Clare’s and to eat meals in the Dining Room. If you lose your ID card you must pay £20 to get a replacement.

3. Loss and theft

You are strongly advised to keep your money and valuables in the safety deposit box in your room. If there is no safety box in your room you may leave your valuables with your warden or the Dean. If you lose something, you may be able to make a claim on the insurance policy included in your course fees: please note, St. Clare’s accepts no liability if your money or valuables are lost or stolen.

4. Visitors & parties

Remember to lock all doors behind you and do not allow strangers to follow you into buildings. Please note: boys are not allowed into girls’ houses and girls are not allowed into boys’ houses. Any visitors to your house are your responsibility: they are permitted only from 16:00 until 15 minutes before curfew time and must sign into and out of the house. You may not have large numbers of people in one bedroom and parties are not allowed except with the express permission of the warden.

5. Illness and medical care

Tell your warden immediately if you are ill (before 08:30 if possible). If the warden is not available, ask a friend to tell your teacher or the Summer Dean. If you become ill during the day, tell the Dean, Student Services Officer or leave a note for your warden before going to bed ill. We can arrange to call a doctor or bring meals to your room if necessary.

6. Personal relationships

You have a right to your own privacy and must recognise and respect this right for other people. You must not behave in a way which might offend or upset other people. This includes sexually intimate behaviour.

7. Quiet in the residence

You must be quiet at all times inside and outside the house, but especially after 22:00. Since St. Clare’s houses are in residential areas, you must respect our neighbours as well as the other students in your house. You can play music quietly before 22:45. If other students are working near you, you must use headphones.

8. Telephones & Electrical Equipment

There is a telephone in each house. You can use it to receive calls or make calls with a phone card. Do not use the telephone after 23:00. Ask your parents to telephone you before 23:00. Turn off personal mobile phones overnight. If you bring any electrical equipment please remember that you will need a 240v adapter suitable for use in the UK.

9. Cleaning your room

You must keep your rooms tidy and make your bed each day before going to college. The cleaners dust and tidy your room every day and clean twice a week. Clean bed linen and 2 towels are provided once a week. (Please note: you will be charged for any damage in your room including hair dye, ink etc.)

10. Fire procedures

There will be a fire practice soon after you arrive. Do not block fire exits. If you do not leave the house when the alarm rings, or if you tamper with fire equipment in any way you will receive a heavy penalty or fine. You must take every precaution in your room: do not burn candles or incense sticks; do not cook; do not smoke.

11. Evening Curfew

You must be in your house or homestay by 23:00 every day from Sunday to Saturday. If you go out after dinner, you must sign the House Log Book. Your warden will check that you are in at the curfew time and will tell the Dean of Students if you are late. Make sure that you have the warden’s telephone number and call if you are delayed unexpectedly. Students who are late will be “gated” (required to stay in the house in the evening) for an appropriate number of nights.

Students who stay out overnight without notice will be sent home at their own expense.

12. Weekends Away

If you wish to take a weekend away you must provide a written request from parents at least two days in advance, with:

a) The address and telephone number where you will be staying.

b) The name of the adult at that address who will be responsible for you.