What to bring

The list gives you a useful guide to what you should and shouldn’t bring to St Clare’s

You should bring:

Letter of consent to travel form - Your parents must complete this form. Please print and bring the completed form to show at Immigration at the airport.

Secure bag or money belt


E-ticket/travel information for the journey to and from the UK

Emergency contact telephone numbers for parents eg. at home, at work, at a holiday home or hotel (digital and print copy)

Medication, if required regularly

Writing paper and a pen

English money or credit/debit card with chip & PIN function

UK adaptor for electronic devices*

*Note about electronic devices: We encourage students on Intensive English courses to bring a tablet or laptop up to the value of £1000 (this includes £500 cover for electronic goods, going up to £1000 cover for IT equipment with a £25 excess in both cases). Please see the our Travel Insurance Policy for complete details of coverage.

For Intensive English Students only:

Digital Books are part of the Intensive English curriculum therefore it is essential that students on this course bring a windows or apple tablet or laptop to make the most of their learning experience*

* The eBook system is not device-specific and will work on any internet connected device with a modern web browser. The absolute minimum size of screen is 7 inch but 10 inch is far better as it affords a greater working area. Mobile phones are not suitable as they are simply too small. Android or iPad tablets will work fine as will windows and apple laptops. The software works best with the google chrome web browser.

You can also bring:

A camera

A tennis racquet

Suitable machine washable clothes for an English summer (at least one jumper / sweatshirt and a waterproof coat or jacket)

Swimwear and swimming towel

Umbrella & sunscreen (as English weather is unpredictable!)

Do not bring:

Bed linen (sheets, sleeping bag, blankets, etc)

Expensive jewellery or items of sentimental value that might be lost or stolen

Designer clothes requiring dry cleaning