Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions

When should I arrive for my course?

All courses start on Sundays and rooms are available from 12:00.

What happens on the first Sunday of the course?

We welcome you at reception and show you to your room. There is a welcome event for you in the evening. Join in the activities on site!

When do I start my course?

The Director of the International College and the Dean of Students welcome you on Monday in the hall at 9am. You then take an English placement test. The orientation continues during your first class before lunch.

When does my course finish?

The last teaching day is the final Friday of your course, the day before you depart.

When do I have to leave at the end of my course at St Clare’s?

You leave on Saturday and we ask you to leave your room by 10:00 in the morning.

Is insurance covered in the course fees?

All course fees include travel insurance for travel, medical, and possessions cover. However, we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance in case of lost or stolen belongings.

Are the airport transfers included in the course fees?

No. If you would like a taxi service to and from St Clare’s from the airport, please complete our secure online airport transfers booking form. You need to book and pay for this transfer at least three weeks before your course starts. We can collect from any local airport. Airport transfers must be paid via credit / debit card at the time of booking.

Are there any course rules?

Please read through the College Rules. These are both house and college rules. We expect you to behave with politeness to everyone around you, and observe the curfew and laws that apply to use of alcohol or drugs. We reserve the right to expel any student whose behaviour we find unacceptable. In this unlikely event the student / parent will bear any additional costs.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend £70 per week for additional activities, souvenirs, etc. We also ask for a £30 key / damage deposit, which is refunded at the end of the course on return of the key and after checking for damage.

Who looks after me in my house?

Each house is supervised by a residential warden. Students and parents should read and agree to the Parent Agreement.

Can I share a bedroom with my friend?

It is part of St Clare’s mission to promote international understanding through education. Every effort is made to integrate students from different nationalities. You can, therefore, request the same house as a friend, but not the same room.

What about laundry?

Students can use the on-site card-operated washing machine.