Pack 103

St. Bartholomew

Scotch Plains, NJ

Cub Scouts Pack 103 is sponsored by Saint Bartholomew Parish and is open to all boys in grades 1 through 5 in the Scotch Plains / Fanwood Community. Please contact us at if you want more information!

Our Philosophy

The goal of our Pack is to get the whole family involved, its what makes our Pack great. We encourage family participation in all our events, which are designed to be educational, but more importantly fun.

We do our best to be flexible and accommodating to the busy lives of our Pack families. Between sports and family commitments, it is impossible to design a schedule to fit everyone. So we spend a lot of effort working with parents to allow the boys to get as much as they can out of the Cub Scout program, while also being able to meet other commitments.

Fund-raising is a realty for any organization. But we do our best to be innovate about how much time we spend doing it, as we believe it should not be the focus of the program.

Finally, if there is one thing we know, boys like to be active. So whenever we can, we like to take the boys outside (camping, fishing, exploring, field trips, etc.). If we need to stay inside, we make sure we have activities that keep them engaged and moving.