Starup Entrepreneurs CIC

Contacts that generate synergies


Project objective

Empower Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom with a special focus on personal development



Is it possible to build a successful business without building your inner self? Startup begins in the realm of personal growth

Lead & Delegate

Why lead and how to delegate? 

That's the entrepreneurial dilemma!

Personal Brand

Many established entrepreneurs suddenly discover the need to develop a Personal Brand alongside Corporate Branding

Branding for Entrepreneurs

There are two types of product/service: the commodity and the brands. Which one sells more?


Our organization is guided by the following core values:

1. Empowerment: We believe in the inherent abilities of individuals and strive to empower them to reach their full potential.

2. Leadership: We inspire and encourage individuals to become effective leaders within their businesses and the community.

3. Community: We value the strength and importance of a supportive community, fostering collaboration and shared growth.

4. Resilience: We promote resilience, both personally and professionally, recognizing the importance of adaptability and perseverance in the face of challenges.

5. Continuous Learning: We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, embracing innovation and staying up-to-date with industry trends to better serve our community.

By upholding these values, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive ecosystem where Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs can thrive and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Jacqueline Villacis has extensive experience in organising events that promote the participation of the Spanish-speaking community in the business sphere. Notably, she has led the organisation of the Latino Cultural Festival in Kensington and Chelsea.

As the director of the Starup Entrepreneurs CIC organisation, she has orchestrated over 60 talks for entrepreneurs, providing valuable connections and business opportunities. She has invited speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners residing in the UK who have founded their own ventures, to serve as role models for other entrepreneurs.

Alexandri Gutiérrez is a Colombian entrepreneur based in London. He is an expert in Information Technology, Personal Branding, and Marketing Project Design. As the co-founder and marketing director of EMultiservices Ltd, he has achieved excellent outreach to the target audience. His innovative approach has led to the opening of a branch in the first semester. Alexandri is also a prominent entrepreneur in the field of Social Business, promoting the Starup Entrepreneurs CIC brand in the UK. He participates in conferences and practical training on the importance of personal branding. In his upcoming book, he develops the concept of "inner enterprise" as a foundation for forging future businesses.

Carlos Maestu is a Spanish entrepreneur with ties to the business world from a young age due to family influence. Carlos has had businesses in hospitality, construction, and most recently, in the financial intermediation sector, which provided him with a wealth of experience in business. In London, he has been involved in the world of digital sales, including Amazon FBA and Airbnb, among other online distribution businesses.

He is an experienced entrepreneur now fully linked to Starup Entrepreneurs CIC as a co-founding partner. A mentor and leader in the organization and execution of conferences and personal business training. His profile enables him to instill a change in attitude in those he approaches, promoting self-confidence and security.

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