START Summit

What is this?

START Summit is a leadership summit created for youth, led by youth, made for youth wanting to learn and grow as individuals and leaders. #ItTakesOneToStart

Why should I go?

To express your views and grow and learn! If you're sick of never talking about important things, never being heard, and you want to make a change in the world, this summit is for YOU! This is all about talking about the hard things with no filter, learning how to be a leader in your school and community, and having fun!

What will I do there?

Everyone will go to 2 breakout sessions of your choice, you will be provided lunch. Most in importantly, you'll experience good times, good friends, and good vibes! You'll get into a group with kids across Northeast Nebraska, listen to Mike Smith speak (check him out!), and get lit with your very own hype squad!

When is it, where is it, and how will I get there?

It is February 11th at Norfolk Middle School, Norfolk, NE! Your school will provide transportation so you'll ride down and back with your friends!

Who is Mike Smith and why should I care?

Mike Smith will be our keynote speaker, which means you'll hear a ton about him and from him! We could go on for pages about Mike but instead, we'll sum it up and give you the link to his website. Basically, Mike's whole mission statement is about being the good in the world, doing kind things out of the kindness of your heart and not for praise, and he keeps it 100% real, no BS! Definitely check him out, he's seriously one of THE coolest guys on earth!