Start Reading!

About this Project

This website was created in hopes of teaching the importance of reading and it's benefits, how to refurbish books, and there are resources to find books and book recommendations. This website was created in attempt to earn the Silver Award, the highest award that can be earned at the Cadette level in Girl Scouts USA. To earn the Silver Award, the project must be addressing a problem in society, and the project should be made in hopes of fixing that problem. The project should also be sustainable and measurable.

The Problem

As more technology begins to develop people, specifically children are reading less books, and spending more time watching TV, playing video games, or spending time on YouTube or other social media platforms. There are so many new things that are coming out that are distracting kids from reading. They do not understand how important reading books can be and how fun it can be as well. Kids are becoming so consumed in all the new things that are coming out on technology, and not seeing how amazing reading a book is as well.

Meet The Team

Yovita R.

Hi, my name is Yovita R. and I'm so excited that you're here! We have worked very hard on this project to teach specifically young people the importance of reading! We have also included some extra sections to teach you how to refurbish books and help the environment, and where to start if you don't know what to read first. I'm so glad that you're here and I can't wait for you to start reading!

Katie R.

Hello! I'm Katie R., and welcome to our website! As book worms, we know how important reading is, and we want share our knowledge with the world. Throughout the website, you will discover why reading is so influential, and ways to rehabilitate books. You will also find ways to access your favorite stories online, and some great book recommendations as well. We hope you enjoy this website, and that it motivates you to "start reading"!

Welcome to Start Reading!-Video

This video is our introductory video! It addresses what our project is about, who we are, and what the Silver Award is! You can find the link to our YouTube channel for more of our videos in the How You Can Help tab.

Why We Love To Read-Video

This video is all about how we found out that we have a love for reading. We also talk about how the love of reading can benefit you! You can find the link to our YouTube channel for more of our videos in the How You Can Help tab.