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2022 - Uranus, North Node Rahu & Mars Conjunction - A NEW Technological Breakthrough

Date: July 3rd, 2022

We are eagerly waiting for the Uranus - North Node Rahu - Mars conjunction, which is to happen on July 26th, 2022 - August 1st, 2022. However, this is a big new beginning, which will not last for a few days only, but will shape our collective future in the years to come.

What can we expect, despite volatility in financial markets?

We can expect a big technological breakthrough in the upcoming years!

The Uranus - Rahu - Mars conjunction takes place in the sign of Taurus, connected with money, banks, financial institutions, food, the Earth as such and fine arts (music, painting, movies). With Saturn in square to it, the square aspect being the one able to materialize, in the sign of Aquarius, refers to communities, decentralized networks, etc.

We already started to see movements in these areas, think cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organizations). Entire industries are to be disrupted, we are up for a new cycle of innovation, which can open a lot of doors and opportunity!

The Uranus-Rahu conjunction is quite rare and last time it happened on March 20th, 2007. The Uranus-Mars conjunction happened during that year as well, being exact on April 29th, 2007, so quite close in time from each other, but not so close in time like now in 2022, when it the Uranus-Rahu conjunction takes place on July 26th, 2022 and the Uranus-Mars conjunction is exact on August 1st, 2022. So roughly one week difference only.

In general, if conjunctions are tighter, they are much stronger. This means that we could expect even bigger innovations happening this time.

Let us look what happened in 2007, immediately after these two conjunctions:

This changed our lives and still continues to disrupt the way we perform our activities...

Innovation started to happen even before, and since we mentioned social networks:

When does the next  Uranus- Rahu conjunction come?  October 16th, 2037.  The new things happening now will shape the years to come in a major way.

Exciting times ahead, with innovation and significant potential for disruption, it will be an interesting time for sure! 

Summer Solstice 2022: What Are The Financial Trends for the Quarter?

Date: June 12th, 2022

The main quarterly trends for the financial markets can be seen from the solstice and equinox, and if we refer to the stock market in general, then a cast of the influences for New York, at 5:13 AM would make sense to analyze the forecast. In my opinion, these tendencies would reflect on currencies and cryptocurrencies as well, taking into account the fact that more and more financial institutions are adopting #BTC and other established cryptocurrencies, like #ETH.

The great news is that despite all the bad news in the world lately, the summer solstice influences really look good, which means that the summer at least will not be so bad, despite the "doom & gloom" news coming from various directions.

So: what are the main aspects within 3° orb and their interpretation for the day in New York?

The Rise & Fall Of Terra Luna

Date: May  17th, 2022

#LUNA had an amazing ride during 2020 and 2021 and now it had a famous fall, sudden and steep. There is the question if it will recover and when this will most likely happen.

The exact influences enabling an extraordinary growth are not present in the same way anymore, but there are nice chances in the years to come, this will happen after a slow recovery in 2022. Let us see key dates for it in the future:

2022 - Recovery, October should be strong

October strong - this is intriguing since it will be turmoil on the markets again and it might be worse than May due to the eclipse and the Uranus-Saturn square repeating again for the last time in this decade, not 100% exact, but close.  But #LUNA had a different behavior during the eclipse from December 2021 and therefore it would not be so surprising if it behaves differently this time as well.

2022, the second half has a lot of volatility involved, which is usually good, but there will not be a consistent growth trend.  I will list the opportunity windows for growth in 2022, in detail:

First sign of recovery, June 22nd

Period of growth short term: June 30th - July 7th, afterwards the price will fluctuate, tendency decreasing

July 18th, 2022 - powerful growth aspect is exact

Period of growth short term:  July  21st - August 11th,  afterwards the price will fluctuate, tendency decreasing

October 1st, 2022 - powerful growth aspect is exact

October 30th, 2022 - powerful growth aspect is exact

Period of growth short term:  October 15th - November 8th,  afterwards the price will fluctuate, tendency decreasing

2023 - A Mixed Year, But With Some Rare Opportunities

This year #LUNA will not exhibit a growing trend either, from March onwards it should be better as a long term influence. However, there are some rare positive aspects which could lift the price up suddenly. But it will not last. If you are prepared around the key dates mentioned below, there are some short time windows when potentially the money that can be made would be quite nice due to the fact that the volatility of this coin, based on its historical performance is quite high:

Yuga Labs, BAYC & CryptoPunks - A Glance At The Future

Date: March  19th, 2022

Following the acquisition of CryptoPunks, the most important news in the NFT world since a while, Yuga Labs seems to have a great year ahead especially during the summer of 2022 and the whole 2023, especially if the founding date is in April 2021 (unfortunately I could not find the exact date online).

It seems that especially the CryptoPunks NFTs will grow more significantly in 2022, benefitting of this new setup, some key dates being as follows:  June 26th, 2022, August 15th, 2022, October 24th, 2022 and April 15th, 2023.

Metaverse Coins - A Comparison

Date: March  12th, 2022

There are interesting #altcoins for the  #metaverse which attract the attention already. 

I refer especially to #SAND and #MANA. Which of them would grow faster in the upcoming years until 2030 and does one of them have possibility for great growth in a short period of time like #DOGE in the past for example? If yes, then when is this likely to occur?

For the period 2024-2026, #MANA shows promising growth, although not the strongest possible, meaning explosive growth over night. It has though very nice consistent growth trends in 2024, 2025, 2026. 2025 promises the strongest growth.

#SAND shows a very strong 2028 where the potential to have amazing growth over night is possible.

2022 - #altcoins Growth Strength

Date: January  9th, 2022

With the North Node Rahu transiting into Taurus in 2022 and during  the first half of 2023, there is the promise of renewal and increase in the financial systems, an area where a revolution will take place. 

Because of the strong Uranus influence in Taurus as well, there will be significant moves into #BTC and #altcoins prices, more significant than usual.

From the top coins right now, how does the strength of these influences look like?

For an order list, from the most growth strength to less, please see below (coins with similar growth strength potential during 2022 are grouped together). The strength considered is the one of the influences themselves and not the inherent characteristics of their volatility in the past.

#1 - #SHIB

#2 - #LTC

#3 - #XTZ

#4 - #RUNE

#5 - #DOGE, #ADA

#6 - #BNB

#7 - #DOT, #BTC, #ALGO, #SOL, #AVAX, #IDX,  #KSM

#8 - #ATOM, #XRP, #TRX.

Top #altcoins for 2022 

Date: December  30th, 2021

2022 promises to be a more dynamic year than 2021, with a lot of transformation for the financial markets and the financial systems (yes, more of them) as such.  

There  are several key moments throughout the year, that I outlined in a previous entry already.

If there is something to remember as macro-factors, then there is the middle of February, positive overall, then March in the beginning with the Pluto return for the USA in the house of money which will bring huge economic transformation and then October, which will re-edit the negative aspects of 2021.

There are other influences as well, but these would be the most important ones.

Now, I would like to list the top #altcoins for 2022,  based on the number of rare positive influences they get. We see that coins have different volatility and not all positive aspects are equal in their potential, but the number of positive influences will have  a great contribution towards a profitable investment.

I will go in more details about these as the year progresses.

Happy New Crypto-Year 2022!

#DOGE in 2022 - Key Dates 

Date: December  22nd, 2021

#DOGE will have an interesting evolution during 2022, with positive influences quite evenly distributed throughout the year and triggered first and foremost by the positive growing trend at the end of 2021, which was exact on December 10th, 2021.

These are some key dates triggering positive growth trends for #DOGE in 2022: