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Easy Ways to Check Your Starbucks Gift Card Balance

Stuck at work, school, or home? It's time to check your starbucks gift card balance and enjoy your favorite drink at Starbucks. 

Everyone loves Starbucks. Maybe it's due to their ambiance and free Wi-Fi, but mainly because of the matchless taste they've to offer. Their outlets are always a house whole. Starbucks is world famous, and most of us have a Starbuck card in our wallet. Maybe you got it as a gift or bought it for yourself to enjoy the exciting rewards. 

Whatever the case, a Starbucks gift card is your buddy to offer you a hot cappuccino, pumpkin spice latte, or white iced chocolate mocha. The last thing you'll ever want is to leave points or credits on your card and miss a drink. If you're unsure of funds in your Starbucks gift card, check the Starbucks gift card balance and grab your favorite beverage from your nearest Starbuck outlet! 

You don't need to visit the outlet to check your gift card's credit. Wouldn't it be disappointing to go to the outlet and find out you are out of credit? So, visiting the outlet isn't the only way to check the Starbucks gift card balance. Instead, there are many others too. 

Here we are guiding you through multiple easy ways to check the balance on your card without visiting the outlet. 

Let's start with the easiest one.

Check Your Starbucks Gift Card Balance Via Phone Call 

What's more accessible than dialing a call from anywhere to know the credit on your card? 

Take out your Starbucks card from the wallet and flip it. You'll see a toll-free number printed on the back of the card. Dial this number to connect to the customer care center and ask the representative about the balance on your gift card. 

The representative will enquire about your gift card number to tell you the available balance on your gift card. Easy, isn't it? 

Calling the Starbucks center was the best option to know the balance status before the technology took over. Although the lines were often busy, people needed to wait to connect with the representatives. 

 Now, there is no need to call the toll-free number and wait for the customer representative to pick up the call and check the gift card's balance on your behalf. Things have advanced. You can do it yourself by using Starbucks' app or visiting their website. Still, it is a viable option when you're out of the internet or apps aren't working. 

Check Starbucks' Gift Card Balance Via Mobile App 

The mobile phone is the most used device of the era. You probably have your phone by your side while reading this article, or maybe reading this on your phone. Then, how about checking Starbucks' Gift Card Balance using your Starbucks app? 

Whether you've got an iPhone or Android, the Starbucks application is available for both operating systems. You can download the application from the iPhone app store or Google Play Store for Android. 

Ok, so let's see how to check the balance using these apps. 

Download the application and sign in to your account. It is a personalized account, specific to you only. It allows customers to earn rewards and credits, customize their orders, check the featured foods and drinks, and make payments.

As you enter the application, there is a tab named Scan tab at the bottom of the main screen. Tap scan and swipe left. The app will enlist all the default cards linked to your account along the balance.  

Check Starbucks' Gift Card Balance via Card Page

Checking the gift card's balance by visiting the Starbucks website is one of the easiest ways to check Starbucks' gift card balance. It's easy and fast. 

You can examine the gift card balance by simply visiting the Starbucks card page. Visit the card page by typing or It will display two options, add or reload, and check balance. starbucks gift card balance

Select the tab "check balance" to know the balance on your gift card. A window will pop up at the left of your screen and ask you to enter the required details. 

Submit the card number and security code on the card page; both appear at the back of your card. Your card number is a 16-digit number, while the card security code is an 8-digit number. Press 'check balance', and a new page will display the balance on your gift card.

Checking The Starbucks' Gift Card Balance Through Reward Page

Don't want to download the application on your phone? Don't worry. You can also check your gift card's balance by visiting the Starbucks reward page on their website.

To visit the reward page, type the URL or on any device browser. It will direct you to Starbucks' reward page. 

To know your card balance, sign in to your Starbucks reward account and press the tab for Card management. The page will open, showing all the cards linked to your account. Search for the one card on which you want to know the balance. Select the card, and the page will display the available credit. 

If you face any difficulty in checking the balance of your gift card, you can contact the customer service home on the Starbucks website. Besides, you can also refer to plenty of guides available on the internet to resolve the issue. 

Starbucks Gift Card Balance FAQs

Let's look into some of the commonly faced problems while using Starbucks gift cards and know their solutions. 

●      How to use Starbucks Gift Card? 

When you get a new Starbucks gift card or buy one for yourself, you need to register it with your Starbuck account. You can register your card by opening the website or by using the mobile application. To register your card, click on add card. This extends to a dialogue box demanding your card number and eight-digit code. Fill both the spaces to add the gift card to your account. Now, you can use this gift card to redeem rewards. 

●      What can I buy with a Starbucks gift card?

Starbucks offers digital and physical gift cards ranging from $5 to $500. You can use your gift card to purchase anything from any outlet of Starbucks or online. You can also retrieve your gift card for cash, but this service is available in some cities like California and Oregon only. 

●      What happens if I lose my Starbucks gift card?

If your Starbucks gift card is stolen or lost, you'll have to inform the customer service center at the earliest. The card balance is protected as soon as you tell customer service. You can do this by signing into your Starbucks account, selecting the cards tab, and then going to the manage cards section. Here you'll report your card as stolen or lost. Starbucks will freeze your card balance, transfer it to your new card and mail you the replacement card. This way losing the Starbuck gift card doesn't cost you any harm. 

●      Will Starbucks Card expire?

Your Starbucks gift card will expire if you don't use it for three years. The period is counted from the last date of the transaction. Any balance available on the card will be immediately canceled without sending any call or email to notify the cardholder. 

How to Find the Balance of Your Starbucks Cash-Back Balance

You can examine the Starbucks account balance in a several ways. However, first you'll need your gift card number as well as the security code for the card that is found in the gift card. Three ways to determine the balance of the starbucks gift card balance

Starbucks Card Page Card Page

  1. Visit Starbucks' Gift Cards section on

  2. Click the "Check Balance" button.

  3. Enter your card's number as well as security code.

Starbucks Rewards Page

  1. Visit the Rewards page at to log in to your account.

  2. Select "Card Management" and then select the card you're checking balance.

Starbucks Mobile App for iPhone or Android

Click "Scan," then click on the "Scan" button to view the balance on each credit card associated with the Starbucks Rewards account.

How do you verify the amount of money on the Starbucks gift card?

You can also look up the balance of your Starbucks credit card balance In the details of your Starbucks your account, or Starbucks in your Starbucks mobile App . ... What do I have in the balance of my Starbucks gift card amount?

Visit the Starbucks card balance page on

Scroll down to the end of the page. Enter the card's number as well as the security number.

Choose "check the balance."