StarAR is an augmented reality project that combines student-artist-created animations with barn quilts to create a never-seen-before experience of rural Iowa. StarAR encourages family-friendly road trips through the Iowa countryside to experience augmented reality barn quilts.

How It Works

The StarAR website guides visitors to examples of barn quilts, a uniquely American art form. When visitors arrive at the art, they use their mobile devices to experience student-artist animations inspired by each barn quilt. These animations will correspond to a “barn quilt trail” that will serve as a guide for experiencing the Iowa countryside. In a year made challenging by COVID19, StarAR encourages families to make exciting new memories by going on a Spring or Summer adventure searching for contemporary art in surprising places.

Special Thanks

We want to thank everyone for their contribution to this site and the people that have dedicated themselves to this art. In particular, we would like to recognize Danny "The Barn Quilt Guy" Steiber, who sadly passed away in 2021. He had an incredible passion for Barn Quilts and was a mentor of this project early in its creation. Thank you, Danny, for your contribution to this art form.