Ethical Challenges

Facilitated by Jennifer Robins

In 1997 Noffke suggested discussing action research in terms of of three distinct, family lineages that share characteristics in a way that resembles heredity: professional, personal, and political. The professional lineage aligns with AR studies intended to increase generalizable knowledge where the results are intended for publication in academic journals. The personal lineage aligns with the AR investigations that are intended to increase an individual’s understanding of his or her own practice. The political lineage refers to action research intended to produce social progress. Though the lineages are recognizable, they frequently overlap.

However ethical concerns are unique according to the lineage:

  • Professional action research generally comes under the purview of an institutional review board
  • Personal action research ideally takes place under administrative supervision
  • Political action research often employs media, and thus journalistic ethics apply

I would like this discussion to take place for each of these lineages. I am hoping we can share our experiences and learn from each other. Please share ethical concerns you are aware of and how they are addressed using the 3 links below.