Wild Animal Control

Animal Control Service

Don't let wild animals take over your home or property!


Animal Control Services for Everyone

Wylde Animal Control can connect you with an animal control technician. Capable & experienced animal control service professionals can help you to address the issues that arise from an unwanted animal visitor!

Animal control services are not only about removing the nuisance, but frequently cover:

  • Immediate animal removal

  • Ongoing wild animal management

  • Identifying property or building issues that invite or permit unwanted animal guests

  • Guidance in repairs

  • Clean-up

The technicians know how to extract whatever beast is living in or near your house.

Identify & Locate

Scratching coming from the attic, footprints next to garage, or chewed siding and frayed wires...Sometimes, you haven't seen the critter but you know he's there. The technicians can investigate to confirm your suspicions.


Professionals have the tools and techniques to help ensure that critters are trapped humanely. We understand the problems that unwanted pests present homeowners, but we also understand that these, too, are God's creatures!

Prevention Tactics

Most animals will return to a habitat, even if caught and released miles away. Animal control specialists understand that a core part of addressing your issue is by providing guidance and support in managing future infestations!

Ongoing Check-Ups

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Regular, unobtrusive visits will help to ensure that prevention tactics are maintained and any signs of a new home invasion are quickly identified and treated before they get out of hand!


These creatures host more diseases than any other animal. Do not try to manage a bat issue alone as even their droppings present a serious health risk!


Trash pandas...Need we say more? Raccoons have prompted municipal governments to develop & deploy special trashcans across the U.S.


It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with Red Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, or Black Squirrels! We can take care of all three!


Did you know that the most common opossum in North America is technically called the Virginia opossum? Yeah, we know them well!

Plus removal of gophers, groundhogs, skunks, moles, and snakes!

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