The St. Anastasia School Endowment Fund

our mission

Founded in 1996 as one of the first catholic grade school endowments in Philadelphia, the St. Anastasia School Endowment Fund seeks to support the education of our children through the financial support of technology and infrastructure projects and tuition assistance.


Over $700,000 distributed

  • Temporary classrooms during construction of the new school

  • Student and teacher computers

  • School-wide phone system

  • Classroom maintenance and upgrades

  • Wi-Fi system

  • One-to-one student computer program

  • Tuition assistance


Potential future projects include:

  • Replacement of smart boards and flat screens

  • Ongoing technological improvements

  • Ongoing teacher development

  • New academic programs

  • Tuition assistance

Board Members

Rev. Michael A. Colagrecco

Principal Beth Doyle

Mary Ellen Box

Julie Davis

Meghan DiRosato

Phil Denne

Chris Fox

Michael Mattise

Beth Moreau

Brian Quinn

Tom Raymond

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Your Contribution today will support the education of our children for years to come.

Donate online, by check or through United Way.

Donate Online: Donate

Donate By Check: Payable to The St. Anastasia Endowment Fund 3301 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073

Donate Through United Way Giving: United Way #6466 benefiting the St. Anastasia School Endowment Fund

Donate through Planned Giving: You can support the Endowment Fund through Planned Giving, which is arranged today to be allocated at a future date. These deferred gifts can include cash, stock, and even life insurance; and there may be tax benefits associated with doing so. Contact the Parish business office at 610-356-1613 for more information.

For more assistance on how to donate, please email at any time