Dear Citizens of Sheffield,

For the last twenty years, I have devoted much of my time working in numerous capacities to improve Sheffield and the Shoals area. I know how every aspect of the city operates. I know the city's circumstances and how we got where we are. I understand Sheffield's challenges and its opportunities. I know what needs to be done to make progress. As Mayor, I will make it happen.

The Sheffield Mayor's runoff on October 6th comes at a pivotal time for the City of Sheffield. They will bring significant changes in City leadership. The next administration will have a new Mayor, a new City Clerk and all five Council Members will be new. If you consider my qualifications compared to my opponent's you'll find I am clearly the best choice to lead the City for the next four years.

The next administration will be faced with a continuing pandemic that threatens public health, stresses our tax base, and puts at risk the great progress we’ve made over the last fifteen years.

The Inspiration Landing project is a transformative public-private partnership. It will transition from phase I infrastructure installation to construction of the Furnace Hill Town Center. Phase II will follow with a new bridge, a marina and residential development. The new administration will have a critical role in the success of the project. New revenue generated by the project will repay the USDA loans used to construct the infrastructure. A thorough knowledge of the project and its financing is essential.

Ongoing capital projects, including the Cox Boulevard road improvements, Whippoorwill Hollow Trail project and Tuscumbia Landing Trail of Tears project must be completed. Extensive street paving and striping is desperately needed. Other critical road projects include improving access corridors to Inspiration Landing and pursuing the best location and funding for the proposed railroad overpass.

Sheffield’s stable but relatively modest tax base requires a thorough knowledge of the City’s finances. Providing fair pay to employees and maintaining adequate City services will continue to be a challenge until revenue increases from Inspiration Landing, Tuscumbia Landing and other efforts.

To accelerate progress, we must create an environment that demonstrates that businesses can be successful and families can thrive in Sheffield. I believe Sheffield's standards should be as high as any city in the Shoals. A major focus as Mayor will be to clean up the city by enforcing existing laws in a fair and consistent manner.

The new leadership must acknowledge that Sheffield is not exempt from the racial justice issues in the United States and be proactive to bring about the changes needed. We must ensure that all citizens are treated with respect and equality while maintaining public safety.

These and many other significant issues require a Mayor with experience, knowledge, ability, commitment and integrity. I am uniquely qualified to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities facing Sheffield in the next four years.

During my three terms on the Sheffield City Council I can honestly say that I have never made a decision or cast a vote based on anything other than what I believed was in the best interest of the City. I gave no consideration to whether it would cost me votes or benefit a friend. If elected Mayor, I will serve with the same honesty and integrity.

I appreciate your consideration and vote on Tuesday October 6th.

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Sheffield is a wonderful city with tremendous assets. It's natural beauty is unsurpassed in the Shoals. Sheffield City Schools are outstanding. Our parks and recreation facilities are extensive. Sheffield Housing Authority is making a significant contribution to our progress beyond subsidized housing. Sheffield Utilities is a huge asset of highly skilled employees that has made much of our progress possible. Our historical neighborhoods and historical sites are unique and worthy of national attention. The downtown revitalization has been remarkable. With the Inspiration Landing and Tuscumbia Landing projects on track and making progress, Sheffield stands to enter a new era of prosperity and success on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. I'm confident that I can lead the City through this storm and reach our potential.