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*Family Support Group -Zoom Online MTG - Every Tuesday Evening @ 6pm- 7pm

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*S.U.N. Bi-Monthly Daytime Community Meetings ~ May 12th, (Break for Summertime) September 8th, November 10th - 2020

Community Partners and the Local Community come together to discuss ways to be effective and steps to be taken as part of the community to raise awareness and prevention in the area, as well as other important things.

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Minot Sleeper Library has offered us an opportunity to host April’s Book choices and information about our coalition will be on display. Do you have movies or books that have impacted you? Please share them with us, and we will include them in our recommendations!! Here is our invitation!

“We ask you and members of your team to select books, audiobooks, and movies that you have enjoyed that are part of our collection. You can check to make sure our library has your favorites, by searching our catalog Each person in your organization should pick 2-5 books or movies. You can then email the list, noting who picked which items, along with any information about your department/organization you wish to share to: and we will do the rest. Putting these items on display gives the community an opportunity to engage with your organization in a low maintenance, cost-effective and meaningful way. Familiarity is a cornerstone of relationship building and community confidence in our respective roles in the Bristol community. We, at the Minot-Sleeper library, would like to provide an opportunity to engage our community in a simple yet meaningful way. We want to thank you, and your organization, for everything that you do in this community. “


The staff from the Minot-Sleeper Library