Drug Take Back Program

Located in the Lobby of the Police Department

Permanent Drug Take Back Bin

The citizens of Bristol and the surronding area can drop off their unused, unwanted, or expired prescription drugs at any time. The police department will not question anyone using the bin for that purpose. Any illicit substances that are found should not be touched or moved as they can be potentially harmful when disturbed. Please call the station to have an officer assist with the destruction of illicit substances or if you have any questions 603.744-6320. The point of contact for this box is Lt. Woodward.

Acceptable Items

  • Prescriptions

  • Prescription Ointments

  • Prescription Patches

  • Pet Medications

  • Over-the-Counter Medications

  • Vitamins

Not Acceptable

  • Needles

  • Inhalers

  • Aerosol Cans

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Thermometers

  • Lotions, Liquids, or Ointments

  • Batteries

  • Mail

  • Trash

DEA Drug tak back day here and MedReturn.


Lock up those prescription drugs!! (pulldown with arrow)

Lock Up Those Prescription Drugs!

Quick Fact- Teens are more likely to die from overdose than gunfire. NCADA

You may be thinking, what is this all about? Does this really apply to me? Are there really reasons to 'Lock Up' my prescription drugs? The answer really lies in your awareness of what happens to pills in your home. Do you notice your prescription pills missing after a stranger or family members have visited? Do you realize prescription drugs in the home are becoming one of the most available and easily obtained drug sources for teens and young adults? Sometimes they may not even ask for them or be related to you. Even strangers such as service workers from outside companies may help themselves while working in your home. This initiative is called “Lock It Up”. As a community, we (especially you) have the power to influence what happens in our home. You may not feel like you can be directly involved, but we would say you're wrong there. To secure prescription drugs in your home is probably one of the most effective and best ways to help the drug affected community in the Newfound area. Keeping the casual passerby from stealing or helping themselves to your meds is probably more effective than any other thing happening in prevention today. Easy access is the most common reason teens and young adults give as a reason for misusing prescription drugs. Many of them know how and feel quite at ease using drugs obtained by taking them directly from family or friends. The adults may be completely unaware that their meds are missing especially if they aren't keeping track of them or taking them regularly. How easy is it to forget if you have taken your medicine every day? Medicines are often quite expensive. Do you want 'just anyone' taking them out of your home? Do you count and track your pills every day? Probably not. If friends or family are caught, it is pretty easy for them to make up an excuse to get out of the situation without a lot of hassle. Ever heard teens talking about a 'Pharm' (as in pharmaceuticals- not FARM!) Party and even telling someone openly they are going to one? Many adults may not catch on to the term because of the association of the word to a real 'Farm'. These parties are often dependent on people (likely teens) bringing prescription drug pills or o.t.c. medication and sharing them with each other, sometimes not even knowing what they are or are used for. Often mixing these drugs will cause unintended consequences or the user may be unaware of the side effects and/or danger of mixing the drugs. The chances of a disability and even death may be greater than they even know. It only takes a few minutes of stupidity or strong peer pressure to cause permanent physical or mental damage, or worst, possibly death. Mixing these drugs with alcohol will also increase the chance of death greatly. In some cases, the person(s) stealing them may not even know you. They may only be there to install a utility or offer you sales or service of some type. (continued below)

Did you know?

  • 70% of children who abuse prescription drugs admit getting them from family or friends.

  • Over 3 million U.S. teens abuse prescription drugs.

  • Every day 3,300 more kids begin experimenting with prescription drugs.

  • Every year 500,000 children 5 and under get into medicine and are poisoned.

  • 1 in 5 teens abuse prescription drugs.

Often elderly people are the targets of stolen prescription drugs and are afflicted with different diseases or conditions. They may have trouble keeping track of their daily use of medicine and often do not remember if they did or didn't take their meds. They may compensate by missing some doses or taking extras to make up for what they thought they needed. What does that do for them and their ailment and if they depend on those meds and can't afford to buy more? What if they were missing some because someone has been taking them from their home? There is quite a variety of locking medication boxes on the market from cheap to expensive and in different styles to use in a certain environment such as in your medicine cabinet or to sit on your counter. Some have combination locks built-in or standard lock and key style containers. Some even are designed to be anchored to heavier items if you wish to keep them from walking off. There are many reasonably priced and affordable locking boxes, carry pouches for your purse, or plastic containers that will work great. You can pick these up at many retailers or online where ever they sell prescription drugs or at large retailers. Anywhere from about $10 to $200 depending on your wants or needs. The point isn't to keep every criminal from having or getting your meds but to keep someone from casually picking up a few of your pills to use or to share. If your meds seem to disappear faster than they should then this might be your wake up call and your best bet to find out. Years ago, they told you to flush prescription drugs but that has proven to have environmental implications on living things so these secure collection/drop boxes or hazardous wastes collection events at the dump are the best and safest way to get rid of prescription drugs so they can be disposed of properly. We have also obtained a secure drug drop-off box for the Bristol Police Department for unwanted drugs. There are several Police Department locations in the area with a box too such as Plymouth, Gilford, Laconia, and Franklin. For more information on events and resources keep visiting our site.

Personal 'Lock It Up' Solutions for your Home - (Links below)

These are only a small assortment of containers and places to purchase Locking Pill Boxes. There are many more!

~Prescription Drug Secure Drop Box Locations - Map PDF -

Unwanted or Expired Drugs

New! Locked Anonymous Prescription Drug Drop Box at Bristol PD for unwanted or unused prescription drugs!