Sample Letter

I am disappointed in your opposition to the new Georgia voting laws. The bill actually extends the voting hours and provides 17 days to vote. It legalizes the drop boxes. It provides for weekend voting. The claim that you could not give out water is misleading.. You cannot give out water within 150’ of the polling place. It’s called electioneering. Georgia is not the only state that has restrictions to activities in the proximity of the polling place. The banning of the distribution of water or food is to prevent partisan influence, e.g. water bottles with labels “Vote for Joe”.

Below are polling restrictions for Montana:

From Montana Voting Law M.C.A. § 13-35-211 within 100 ft. of any entrance to the building where a polling place is located:

The following are prohibited:

●Campaign Apparel/Buttons/Stickers/Placards

●Influencing Voters/Soliciting Votes/Political Persuasion

● Polls/Exit Polls

● Other: Candidates, their family, and their campaign workers/volunteers cannot distribute alcohol, tobacco, food, drink, or anything of value

Are you going to criticize the voting laws of the other forty-nine states as well or are you just singling out Georgia? Poll workers can set up self-service water stations or you can bring your own water bottle. You’re on a line to vote not Moses wandering in the wilderness and desert for 40 years.

You must have an ID to drive a car and a passport or driver’s license to fly. Eventually a driver’s license will not be enough, you will need an enhanced driver’s license to fly. I believe in NY it’s an additional $30. Why isn’t that travel suppression? You need a passport to travel outside the US. You need an ID to buy cigarettes, alcohol, spray paint or box cutters. You need an ID to go to the doctor’s office, to stay in a hotel, to get a library card, to open a bank account, to cash a check, apply for Medicaid, apply for social security, apply for unemployment, apply for a job, to rent, or to buy a house, apply for a mortgage, to rent a car, to get married, to purchase a gun, adopt a pet, adopt a child, apply for a hunting or fishing license., go to a casino, pick up a prescription, buy a cell phone, hold a rally or protest (if done legally), donate blood, get a vaccine, purchase some cold medications, or see a R rated movie in the theatre.. Why shouldn’t you need an ID to vote? Georgia will provide a free voter ID if you need one. It’s about voter integrity not voter suppression. Let’s make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. To get entry to any Federal Building you need an id. Unless you want to cheat why would you oppose voter id?

Why is it that people who are against voter ID are all for Vaccine passports? Do you let anyone vote at your shareholders meeting or just shareholders? Instead of boycotting Georgia, why aren’t companies boycotting China for the Uyghur genocide? Why aren’t there boycotts of companies who use Uyghur slave labor? Where is the outrage there? Are you sponsoring the Beijing Olympics?Can you please identify what specifically in the Georgia law is voter suppression?

“In matters of principle stand like a rock, in matters of style swim with the current.” –Thomas Jefferson.