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The overhead draw is BANNED.


  • When any shooting is in progress there must be a minimum of two people present each being a minimum of 18 years of age, one of whom may be a non-archer to act as a lookout. The archer is responsible to inform the lookout of all safety aspects applicable. Where two adult archers are present and shooting together they will alternate on the shooting line so that the non-shooting archer can act as the lookout.
  • Juniors. When junior archers (ie archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by an adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB and a second adult must be present.
  • On private land which is fenced all round, where the public has no legal right of access and with a warning notice displayed at all entrances and points of access, the following concessions may apply notwithstanding the provisions of 103(a) and (b) above:
      • Solo shooting by senior archers (ie archers 18 and over) is permitted. Any member shooting on their own is doing so at their own risk in respect of personal injuries.
      • Provided that they are an adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB, one parent/guardian alone may supervise his/her own child(ren).


  • All ranges must be registered in accordance with the process as directed by Archery GB
  • Overshoot Distances.
      • Overshoot Line. The overshoot line is a line parallel to the shooting line positioned at the required distance behind the targets and extending to the width of the side safety areas.
      • Bows shot off the fingers.
          • At target distances up to 60 yards/metres the overshoot line shall be at least 110yds from the shooting line.
          • At target distances over 60 yards/metres the overshoot line shall be at least 50 yards from the target line.
      • Bows shot with Mechanical Release Aids. At all target distances the overshoot line shall be at least 150 yards from the shooting line.
      • Side Safety Areas. Each side safety area is the area in front of the shooting line and to the side of the range (including the overshoot area) enclosed by a line from a point 10yds to the side of the shooting line, to a point 20yds to the side of the range at 100yds from the shooting line, and continuing on that straight line to the overshoot line.
      • Note: If the overshoot line is 150yds from the shooting line, the side safety area at that distance will extend 25yds to the side of the range.
  • Roping of Areas.
      • ALL GROUNDS are deemed accessible by the public even if that involves trespass.
      • On grounds where the public have a right of access, the whole of the range as far as the overshoot line and the side safety areas shall be roped off to indicate that only authorized people can enter the area when shooting is in progress.
      • It is recommended that the roped area be extended to include an area 15yds behind the shooting line and 10yds either side of the shooting line.
  • Independent Ranges. Where 2 adjacent ranges are in use independently, the safety area between the two ranges must be a minimum 20 yards, be fully roped off, and no access allowed until both ranges have finished shooting.
  • Clubs or event organisers who are unable to confirm that their range meets the Rules of Shooting must apply for a range assessment or terminate any shooting. Clubs must ensure shooting conforms at all times to range safety rules and/or agreed range assessment when shooting is in progress.



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