Stalybridge Archery Club incorporates a separate club for juniors, details of which are listed below.

Age Range

The age range for juniors is 10 to 17, on their 18th birthday they will become a senior.

Beginners Courses

The club runs beginner’s courses which are held on a weekday evening, usually a Monday, depending on the time of year and the availability of the instructors.

  • Course’s consists of 4 lessons, run on consecutive weeks.
  • The lessons last for approximately 2 hours, starting at 7:00pm.
  • During the period of the course the club will provide basic equipment for the beginner to use.

The junior club has a restricted membership of approximately 30 places, which means juniors completing the beginners courses are not automatically invited to apply for membership. They are however invited to add their names to the waiting list, which the club maintains when membership is full. All names on the list will be invited to apply for membership in strict order of application, as and when a place becomes available.

The current status of the junior club membership is OPEN, places are available for new members during the current year.


The current fee for the beginner’s course is £70


On being informed that a place within the junior club is available an application must be submitted to the committee, for approval before membership can be granted.

On approval of membership, the individual is invited to join the club, the fee for the first years membership now becomes payable.

The applicant will be advised of the amount payable prior to the Committee Meeting.

Individuals joining the club will receive 2 further lessons to help integrate them into the club, they also have to purchase their own equipment, costs of which can vary considerably dependent upon the quality and type of equipment the individual wishes to purchase. As a guideline, a basic package containing all the equipment a junior needs to start shooting cost approximately £150.

Day and time of junior club meetings

Saturday mornings. Shooting starts at 10:00am which means juniors should arrive at the club no later the 9:30am so they have time to set up their equipment, change their footwear if appropriate and do their warm up exercises.

Other shooting times are by arrangement only, if the parents or guardians are not members of the club.

Parent and Guardians

A parent or guardian must stay with juniors at all times for the duration of the beginner’s course.

Once a junior joins the club, they may be left with the instructors for the duration of the junior session, BUT they must complete a Parent Agreement Form before this is allowed

Who to contact

Junior Club Secretary

Margaret Shorrock

Sample Form

Parent Agree Form.pdf

Parents are required to ensure that their child arrives promptly at the designated time, as part of their training is learning & helping to ‘put out’ and ‘put away’ archery bosses safely and correctly. They must also ensure that their child is suitably dressed for the weather conditions on the day.