stage 4 breast cancer

Three Particularly Common Symptoms of Cancer

The Internet is home to a great deal of useful information, some of which can potentially save lives. There are more than 100 different types of cancers that can afflict human beings, for example, and being familiar with the most common symptoms will sometimes make an earlier diagnosis possible. One website's "Ultimate Guide to different types of cancer" includes a great deal of information that many readers will find helpful.

Signs of Cancer to Watch Out For

Some cancer types typically give rise to distinctive symptoms that are almost impossible to ignore. Others are much stealthier, in general, and can even develop to the point of stage 4 cancer before becoming apparent in the course of anything but a targeted, specialized screening.

As a general type of disease that always involves the uncontrolled division and multiplication of cells, however, cancer of almost any kind can also manifest with any of a handful of common symptoms. Some of the types of otherwise unexplained symptoms that can signal the presence of undiagnosed cancer include:

Sudden weight loss. Quite a few varieties of cancer disrupt the body's usual metabolic balance. One common symptom of relatively advanced cancer of various kinds is the sudden and inexplicable loss of weight. Patients suffering from particularly advanced cancers will sometimes waste away to the point that virtually all of the body's fat reserves become exhausted. Other cancer patients can drop ten or more pounds before a diagnosis reveals the cause of the issue. While there are other conditions and developments that can contribute to unexplained weight loss, this is a fairly common symptom of certain kinds of cancer.

Exhaustion. Just about any deviation from good health can lead to the loss of energy, and cancer is no exception. Some patients end up being diagnosed with cancer after complaining to their physicians about feeling tired all the time. In many cases, it will take a number of tests to determine the root cause of the problem, which could be any of many forms of cancer or entirely different diseases.

Pain or intense discomfort. The tumors that form as many varieties of cancers develop can cause anything from acute pain to uncomfortable feelings of pressure. Once again, there are also many other conditions that can produce the same symptoms.

The Importance of Taking Symptoms Seriously

In most cases, even those who present symptoms like these most clearly will not be diagnosed with cancer in the end. Even so, being sure to consult a doctor when serious symptoms arise can easily save a person's life, whether the underlying cause turns out to be cancer or something else entirely.