Templates & Resources

Here are templates that I have made for various lessons that I teach. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to see examples of any of these being used by your classes. Connect with me on Twitter or email me.

This is a Google Slides template inspired by #Eduprotocols of using a frayer diagram for vocabulary words. There are resources and directions written in the margins of the template.

Significant Figures Instagram Template

This is a Google Slides template with instructions in the margins for students to create Instagram profiles for historical figures. See examples of how I've used it here and here.

Document Analysis #booksnaps Template

This is a Google Slides template I used with my students to analyze Washington's Farewell Address. It can be modified for other documents. Read about how I used it in the classroom on my blog here and check out examples here and here.

Socratic Seminar Overview

Digitizing the Socratic Seminar

Here are digital resources that I use for socratic seminars. Click the links below to open them and then click "File" and "Make A Copy" to save a copy for yourself. Read more about how I use socratic seminars in my blog here.

#MotivationMonday Shared Videos and Prompts

Give one, Get one. Read more about how I use these on Mondays to start the week on a positive note, build community the classroom, and craft meaningful connections with my students at my blog here.