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Our Mission: To inspire students and athletes with a passion for teaching or swimming through funding a path to continue their education to be a high school teachers or in learning how to swim.

Stacey Inspired Foundation (SIF) shares the visions of Stacey (Trimmer) Vandekoppel - to provide students and athletes with the ability to do what they love.

Swim Coach


Wife and Mother

Miss Teen Wyoming

Our Story:

Stacey (Trimmer) VandeKoppel was many things, a mother, a little sister, a daughter, a high school teacher, a swim coach, a wife, a mentor, a friend and an amazing women. She inspired every person she met, and brought life into every room. She impacted thousands of students and athletes. She was organized, energetic, passionate, loving, generous and kind. The one word that inevitably comes to our minds is competitive. If you knew anything about Stacey, she was up for the challenge, and did not relent until her goal was met.

On Friday, July 28th 2017, Stacey was admitted into Parker Adventist Hospital, in Parker, CO with what the doctors had determined was a mass in her brain. CT and MRI scans confirmed the mass was indeed Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer. Doctors determined that an aggressive approach was needed and surgery was scheduled for July 30th, 2017. In usual Stacey fashion, she was positive and peaceful, “Catch you on the flip side,” she said, as they wheeled her toward the operating room. NO FEAR.

Over the next 14 months, Stacey was the strongest fighter any of us had ever seen. She had to learn how to walk, talk and eat again. She went from paralized in a hospital bed to walking by herself. Everyday she made strides forward, never looking back. Upon leaving the hospital, she continued to work harder, marking goals off. She attended several of her son, Quinn's college football games and her daughter, Kelly's swim meets. She attended their graduations from College and High school as well as several Rockies games, summer swim team meets, and school functions. In June 2018, Rick and Stacey even renewed their wedding vows at the Rockies Stadium celebrating a commitment of love to each other.

On October 14th, 2018, Stacey passed away peacfully in her sleep surrounded by her family, after a long battle. She never gave up, not even until she slipped peacefully to be with our loving God. We know that He has created a place for her right next to him up in heaven and she will be our angel watching over us.

The storms we face in life are much easier when we face them with those we love, with those who have our back, and who can catch us when we fall, so we can get back up again. Stacey was so passionate about baseball (especially the Rockies), her family, her friends, swimming and her students. She coached the Cruiser's summer swim team in Castle Rock, Colorado for 12 year and taught AP Psychology at Douglas County High School for over 22 years. She dedicated every moment to her students and her athletes, and felt most gratified when they had breakthrough moments. Her energy and love for life inspires us everyday,

Stacey Inspires Foundation was created in the memory of Stacey Vandekoppel, by her family in 2018 to continue the work that she began. Our mission is to raise money to fund students and athletes who are passionate about continuing their education in the psychology field or learning how to swim, as well as bringing awareness for brain cancer. Stacey's memory and legacy will live on as long as we continue to fight this battle. In the words of Stacey, “Challenge accepted".

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