Small Projects

Pocket Prayer Shawls

Members of St. Peter's make these pocket prayer shawls which are blessed and given to Lakeridge Oshawa Hospital’s chapel, cancer ward and palliative care unit where the need for comfort is so great. It is amazing how a little piece of wool can bring such comfort in times of need. Donations of wool are most welcome for this project. Anyone who would like to help or learn to make a pocket prayer shawl please come and speak to Janice MacDougall.

Pinned to Each Shawl


This pocket prayer shawl was blessed for you by St. Peter's ministry in Oshawa Ont.

Inspired by Acts 19:11-12, Luke 8:43-48 and Matthew 14:34-36.

This cloth is meant to bring you and your loved ones peace and comfort.

The cloth alone is powerless, it is with the power of prayer and the faith of the believer that brings peace and comfort.

When your fingers touch it, remember you are not alone for God is always with you......

The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.”

Crocheted Plastic Mats

Used plastic bags that would end up in landfills, are cut into strips that are looped together to make "plarn" or plastic yarn. This is then crocheted into plastic mats that can be used by the homeless. If you wish to make the plarn or crochet the mats, please speak to Janice MacDougall.

Scarves and Hats

Hand knitted scarves and hats will be distributed to anyone who needs them. This initiative just started in November 2018 in conjunction with our free Learn to Knit classes. Please contact Elizabeth Cameron or Janice MacDougall if you would like to help.