Welcome to the St Patrick's Choir website!

This is a space where we can share music and repertoire that we are working on in choir at school so you can sing along at home :)

Choir is offered to ALL Year 3 to Year 6 students - everyone who likes to sing is welcome!

We meet every Thursday from second half of lunch into our afternoon class session - for 45 minutes.

When I Grow Up [Matilda] VOCAL.mp4

When I Grow Up - a beautiful song from the musical Matilda. When singing this one think about:

  • articulation, pronouncing all the sounds
  • going into your head voice - pop you hand on you head if it helps!

We are working on something 'A little bit naughty!' at the moment - have a sing along at home and remember:

  • use your lips, try and get them around all words
  • articulation, pronouncing sounds
  • tell the story as you sing!
Naughty [Matilda] VOCAL.mp4

SONG SUGGESTIONS: Please email your suggestion to Mrs Morris - remember not all songs are suitable for choir sinGing - some are best sung at home in front of the mirror!!