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RCIA Meetings Suspended

As a health precaution, all parish activities, including daily and weekend Mass, are suspended. This includes our weekly Wednesday RCIA meetings. If you have any questions, please reach out to Maureen or any RCIA team members.

We pray that you and your families remain safe and healthy at this time.


Putting Yourself in the Presence of God

In preparation for the 3rd Scrutiny, we are discussing the deaths that we have experienced in our life. How do we cope with losing someone we love?

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Preparation for 2nd Scrutiny

In preparation for the 2nd Scrutiny, we ask that you to take this time to read this weeks Gospel and answer some of the reflection questions in the links below.




Overview of Lent

How do Catholics partake in the season of lent and what makes them different from other denominations?

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Sin and Reconciliation

Readings: USCCA: Chapter 18

Believing in Jesus: Chapter 19

What is considered a sin and why do catholics confess their sins?

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Sacrament of Anointing the Sick

Readings USCCA: Chapter 19

Believing in Jesus: Chapter 20

This week we talk about the process of receiving the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

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The Sacrament of Marriage

Readings: USCCA: Chapter 20

Believing in Jesus: 21

Marriage between two baptized persons is one of the Sacraments in the Catholic Church and serves as a vital role in strengthening the community. This week we talked about why the church encourages those that are planning to get married to be baptized.

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The Eucharist

Readings: USCCA: Chapter 17

Believing in Jesus: Chapter 15

This week, we discussed the significance of The Eucharist and why it is a central part of Catholic mass.



Readings: USCAA Chapter 15, 16

Believing in Jesus Chapter 17, 18

This week, we talked about the importance of baptism and conformation. What's the difference and why do parents baptize their children at an early age?


Overview of the Sacraments and the Liturgy

Readings: USCAA Chapter 14

This week, we went over the Seven Sacraments and the Liturgy. We discussed when they are used and why they are important in our relationship with Christ.


Mary - Jesus Mother and First Disciple

Readings: USCCA Chapter 12

Believing in Jesus Chapter 26

What is the significance of Mary? This week, we talked about the role Mary has amongst Catholics and why her relationship with Jesus is so important.


Sacramentals and Popular Devotions

Readings: USCCA Chapter 22

This week we talked about the different types of Sacramentals and their uses in Catholicism.

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The Liturgical Year and The Season of Advent

We broke-down the Catholic Church's six season calendar and how each season is represented during mass.

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The Church, The Body of Christ

Readings: USCCA Chapters 10 and 11

Believing in Jesus Chapters 13 and 14

The Dignity of the Human Person

USCCA: Chapter 6

We discussed why God created us and the value of human life. Why did God create us with a human body and a soul?

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The Trinity and the Sprit of Jesus

Readings: USCCA Chapter 10

Believing in Jesus Chapters 10 and 11

What is the meaning of the trinity and what does scripture mean when it says "God is Love"?

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The Paschal Mystery

Readings: USCCA Chapter 8

Believing in Jesus Chapters 6 and 7

When we talk about the Paschal Mystery we are referring to God’s plan of salvation which was ultimately fulfilled through four events in Jesus’ life.

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Jesus - God and Man

Readings: USCCA Chapter 7

Believing in Jesus Chapter 8

How can Jesus be both God and Man? Why the Father sent his Son as a savior of the world.

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The New Testament-Revelation Complete

Readings: Believing in Jesus Chapter 2 and 9

This week we discussed The New Testament and the importance of the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

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The Old Testament/Salvation History

Readings: USCCA Chapters 3,6

Believing in Jesus Chapter 1

We discussed how Catholics rely on tradition while interpreting the Bible. We also talked about 5 Major Covenants in scripture.

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Belief in God/Salvation History

Readings: USCCA Chapters 1,2,4, and 5

How did the Bible shape Catholicism? A review of salvation history and a timeline of events in the Bible.

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What Do Catholics Believe?

For our first week, we started the discussion about the Belief in God. How do the beliefs of other Christian denominations compare to Catholic beliefs?

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