SSW Adjunct Orientation


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Event Location

Step 1 - Introduction image email address
Dr. Meyer's phone 410-706-5635
Dr. Meyers room 5e06

Dr. Megan Meyer - Introduction (3 min)

Kristen Hood | (1min 21 seconds)

kristen hood email address
kristen hood phone 410-706-5101
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step 2 pay image learn more
linda wise email address -
address lexington street, 3rd floor, 9am to 3pm tues through fri
image stating umb id cards smc, 621 west lombard basement

Linda Wise | (2min)

step 3 - teaching basics, challenging situations, student affairs image

Represent (2 min)

Basics I (2 min)

Basics II (2 min)

Syllabus (2 min)

Absence (1 min)

Evals. (1 min)

Situations (1 min)

Plagiarism (6 min)

Copyright (1 min)

Grievance (3 min)

HS/HSL (1 min)

Conclusion (1 min)

Danielle Ward, Director of Records | Web (4 min)

Dawn Shafer, Asst. Dean of Student Services

Step 4 - tech learn image

IDEA (Instructional Design, Elearning, Assessments) Team

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Step 1 -getting started blackboard image
Step 2 files image
Step 3 communication image
Step 4 assignments image
Step 5 exam image
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IDEA Team (1.5 min.)

BB & Instructional | 410-870-9663 | Help Form | Email|

INFORMATICS (Classroom, Computing, Media, Network, Wifi)

Dean David Pitts (2 min)

Classroom Demo(6 min)

help image

Email | 410-706-7232