PRESENTERS: Your task is to prepare a presentation analysing the short story your group has chosen and to facilitate a critical discussion in your class.

Presentation Components:

  • Code Breaker
    • Locate 3 new vocabulary words and 2 examples of literary devices
    • Teach these 5 terms using images, diagrams and definitions
    • Summarise the short story (Tip: Be judicious in what you include.)
  • Text User
    • Research the author's biography
    • Summarise any relevant historical and cultural contexts that aid in understanding the story and the author's message
  • Meaning Maker
    • Choose 1 scene that best serves as the story's coda
    • Retell the scene and explain the author's message
    • Connect the author's message to 1 of the 4 domains (class, gender, age, OR race) and explain what new insight this story reveals as related to that domain
  • Text Analyst
    • Relate the short story to 1 current event (Singaporean or international)
    • Extend the connection by providing a non-fiction article or video and offer a brief summary to the class
    • Connect the author's message in this short story to To Kill a Mockingbird; considering the novel's plot, characters and themes. (Tip: Use the journals submitted on Google Classroom to help if you get stuck.)

FILE SUBMISSION: Please submit your presentation file using this Google Form:

PARTICIPANTS: Your task is to read the short story before class and complete a journal on Google Classroom to connect the text with To Kill a Mockingbird. Journals are due 24-hours before the first lesson of each week starting in Week 04.

Your participation will be recorded during each Short Story Presentation. All students must contribute to the discussion by the last presentation in Term 1.

See the spreadsheet below for ways to contribute and updates on your participation progress.

2017 S2 EL Short Story Presentations: Participation Tracker