I am a responsible young adult! As I continue to demonstrate this responsibility, I desire and demand from my peers and advisors, the respect to which I earn and am entitled. I expect to be judged and held accountable for my words and actions both within and outside the ship. Accordingly, on my honor I pledge to conduct myself at all times in keeping with the guidelines established by the following code.

Code of Conduct:

As a member of this Ship I am expected to:

Uphold the Scout Oath and Law

Live the Sea Scout Promise

Learn and Have Fun!

As a participating member of this ship I will not:

Harm another - verbally or physically

Show disrespect for leaders, shipmates, ship, or self

Post on social media so that I embarrass or disrespect myself, family, ship

Plug in to a PID (personal isolation device - cell phone, etc.) unless authorized

Pair off with a member of the opposite sex without a leader’s permission

Engage in public displays of affection (PDA)

Engage in any hazing or initiation activity that humiliates or harms another

Leave an activity without a leader’s knowledge and consent

Use offensive or vulgar language

Use tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other harmful substances

Consequences for inappropriate actions or violating this Code of Conduct:

  1. Warning by an officer/adult leader
  2. Warning by Skipper and parents contacted
  3. Parents contacted and suspension from the next activity
  4. Removal from Ship membership (secret ballot vote, ⅔ in favor of removal)

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