Awards & Scholarships

SSMTA gives approximately $1,000 yearly to deserving students, teachers and community music organizations

including the Music Teachers National Association Foundation Fund.

SSMTA offers 5 different awards and scholarships for the purpose of encouraging and honoring music in our community:

SSMTA Performance Awards – Deadline to Apply March 15

Purpose: To encourage student performance and participation in our festivals and recitals. These opportunities develop valuable goal setting and performing skills for students. Students receive a medal based on a point system for participating in SSMTA events.

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SSMTA Annual Teacher Service Award in May

Purpose: Selected by the board to recognize and honor our dedicated volunteers who have given many hours of service to SSMTA.


The SSMTA Scholarship Fund was established with the proceeds of the sale of a grand piano donated to SSMTA in the 1990’s. We continue to build our fund through any surplus at the end of each fiscal year as determined by the board. Money is also raised through donation of both cash and gently used music. The used music is sold at SSMTA meetings for 20% of the original price. The Scholarship Committee consists of 2-3 volunteers and the president-elect serves as chair of the committee. The committee oversees all activities relating to the Scholarship Fund, including fund raising and selection of recipients of awards. The amount available for awards for the upcoming year is determined by the Board at the end of each fiscal year and announced at the September meeting.

  • SSMTA Excellence in Music Award – Deadline to apply: March 15

Purpose: To recognize students who have achieved a high level of musical proficiency, participated in many different SSMTA & CSMTA events over the years, and have given outstanding service in their community as musicians.

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Purpose: Community outreach program to purchase materials and registration fees for financially needy music students. Contributions are also made to area music organizations which recognize and support the musical endeavors of young people.

Instructions: The Scholarship Committee will review written/e-mail requests from SSMTA teachers anytime during the year on behalf of their students for materials and/or registration fees for SSMTA events.

  • SSMTA Educational Grants – Deadline to apply: June 1

Purpose: To encourage continuing education by music teachers as well as student participation in summer music camps, out-of-state competitions and other activities.

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