6th International Workshop on

​Safety and Security of Intelligent Vehicles

June 29, 2020 - València, Spain

Co-located with DSN 2020

About SSIV

Over the last years, aerial and ground vehicles as well as mobile robot systems have been receiving an increased number of electronic components, connected through wireless networks and running embedded software. This strong integration between dedicated computing devices, the physical environment and networking, composes a Cyber-Physical System (CPS).

CPS have thus become part of common vehicles, accessible to everyone, such as automobiles or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Furthermore, as processing power increases and software becomes more sophisticated, these vehicles gain the ability to perform complex operations, becoming more autonomous, safe, efficient, adaptable, comfortable and usable. These are known as Intelligent Vehicles. This will be the fifth edition of the workshop, aiming at continuing the success of previous editions.

The vast range of open challenges to achieve Safety and Security in Intelligent Vehicles (with or without connection with the Internet) is a fundamental reason that justifies the numerous research initiatives and wide discussion on these matters, which we are currently observing everywhere. Therefore, the workshop will keep its focus on exploring the challenges and interdependencies between security, real-time, safety and certification, which emerge when introducing networked, autonomous and cooperative functionalities.

Topics of Interest

Authors are invited to submit full and/or short papers related to the following topics of interest (but not limited to):

  • Architecture, design, implementation and management of safe and secure intelligent vehicles
  • Functional safety, standards and certification
  • Security threats to cyber-physical systems
  • Secure data communication in vehicular networks
  • Collision prediction and avoidance
  • Safety and security issues in ADAS
  • Real-time perception and sensor fusion for safe autonomous driving
  • Internet of (Secure) Things (flying, driving, floating, diving, etc)
  • Safe integration of Artificial Intelligence in intelligent vehicles
  • Advanced hardware for self-driving car and their impact on safety/security
  • Regulation issues in intelligent vehicles
  • Practical experiences and testbeds related with safety and security of intelligent vehicles
  • Industrial experiences and best practices relevant to safety and security of intelligent vehicles

Important Dates

Abstract submission – March 18 March 22

Paper submission – March 18 March 23 March 29

Author notification – April 6 April 10 April 20

Final version – April 20 May 1

Call for Papers (PDF)

CFP SSIV2020.pdf