Subject Matter Expert (SME) Videos

Updated: August 30 2020

FOSC Final Draft.mp4

Federal On-Scene Coordinator

RPIC Intro V2 Final.mp4

Responsible Party Incident Commander (RPIC)

SOSC SME Intro.mp4

State On-Scene Coordinator (SOSC)

VB 10000.mp4

VB 10000

Dual gantry lift crane that will be performing the cut and lift operations.

Environmental Protection Barrier Final.mp4

Environmental Protection Barrier

Protection barrier built around the wreck designed to contain debris and contaminants.

Drills and On Water Recovery.mp4

On-water Recovery and Drills

Efforts to keep skills at peak readiness while protecting the environment.

COVID-19 Mitigation.mp4

COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts

Measures to ensure the health and safety of our responders during the COVID-19 crisis.

Scour Protection.mp4

Scour Protection

Mitigation methods to ensure the stability of the seabed under the Golden Ray

Firefighting Systems and Training.mp4

Firefighting and Training

Preparedness measures and training for onboard fires during cutting operations.


Logistical Support

Global supply chain and custom fabrication

Decon Site.mp4

Decon Sight

Staging area for decontaminating equipment and vessels.