Lost Dog Returned to Owner

July 6, 2020

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – T & T Salvage Safety Officer, Ian Starkey, was delivering coffee and donuts to the Glynn County Department of Health COVID testing facility this morning to show appreciation for their efforts to our responders and the community.

Upon arriving at the Glynn County Health Dept., Mr. Starkey came across a sweet puppy that was obviously quite scared and lost. Ian calmed the poor girl down and was able to contact the owner from the license around her neck.

The puppy's name is Sandie, and her owners were very happy to have their little fur baby returned.

Ian Starkey of T & T Salvage is comforting Sandy, who had been separated from her owners for two days.

Ian bids Sandy farewell as she is reunited with her very happy owner.

The owner, Jack McMenamin, came immediately to pick up his pup. He said she had run off a couple of days ago and didn't think he was ever going to see her again.

"Sandie is 12 years old and does not do well during thunderstorms or fireworks. So, you can imagine how worried we all were, during yesterday’s weather" Jack said.

Jack said his wife, who is restricted to a wheelchair, has been calling out for Sandy for the past two days. Sandy provides comfort and security to his wife. To have her run off was devastating to them. "But being able to reunite Sandy with her was a true blessing," Jack said emotionally.

We had searched the neighborhood and drove right by the Health Department, going as far as the College, searching for Sandie, until dark.

What a Blessing to receive a phone message from Mr. Ian, before 7 AM this morning. He said he had found Sandie at a back door of the Health Department, sleeping.

No matter what the future holds for Sandie, we all will be eternally grateful to Mr. Ian Starkey, for the Care and Compassion you have demonstrated to one of God’s creatures.