Call for Papers

Special Session on Computing with Words and Perceptions: Emerging Topics & Applications

World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2022)

Special focus on IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ IEEE) 2022 at Padua, Italy in July 18-23, 2022


Computing with Words (CWW) is a remarkable methodology which aims to provide the computing machines with the ability to interpret and process linguistic information in a manner similar to human beings. Since its inception, various CWW methodologies as well as the linguistic computational models have been developed, over the years. These include the extension principle based linguistic computational model, symbolic method based linguistic computational model, 2-tuple based linguistic computational model together its extensions and the very popular Perceptual Computing. Further, the use of different fuzzy sets, for linguistic semantic representation, like type-1, interval type-2, intuitionistic fuzzy sets, rough sets, etc., has attracted a lot of attention for modelling the semantics of the linguistic information in CWW.

We organized a special session on Computing with Words (CWW) at FUZZ IEEE 2021. It received huge submissions as well as attendees. There has been a surge also in the number of publications on CWW in this one year. These include theoretical as well as the application-oriented contributions in the field of CWW. On the theoretical side, the works have focused on modeling linguistic uncertainty using higher order fuzzy sets, advocating the use of correct uncertainty models, user perception modeling, etc. On the other hand, the application-oriented contributions have been made across a variety of spectrum such as investment decision making, hierarchical decision making, power optimization, selection based problems, E-Health, etc.

With the ongoing research in the field of CWW, we can be sure that it will see more robust and better uncertainty models as well as be successfully applied to larger sets of application areas in the future. Thus, we have proposed this special session in 2022 also. This session is needed to discuss latest advances on CWW. The CWW carries a huge importance that should be realized across the research community.

Target audience of the special session can be researchers from academia, industry or anyone interested in the field of CWW. The students at undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level can also attend the special session.

Scope and Topics

The aim of this special session is to provide a platform to the scientists and researchers of these fields to exchange ideas about the latest trends and research directions. Researchers are invited to submit original and unpublished works that deal with various aspects of research in CWW. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Uncertainty modeling in CWW

  • Interpretable models using CWW methodology

  • CWW for information fusion

  • CWW for sustainable development

  • CWW for data driven linguistic decision making

  • Fuzzy data Analytics

  • Industrial applications of CWW

  • Subjective judgement modelling

  • Perception’s modelling

  • CWW applied to E-Health

  • CWW in Security

  • Personalized as well as group decision making using CWW

  • Fuzzy Machine learning in CWW

  • Neuro-fuzzy approach for CWW

  • CWW for design of recommender systems

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and CWW

  • Image processing and CWW

  • CWW for Human-Computer Interaction

  • Advanced CWW models and real-life applications

Full paper submission: January 31, 2022 (11:59 PM AoE) STRICT DEADLINE

Notification of paper acceptance: April 26, 2022

Camera-ready paper submission: May 23, 2022

Conference: July 18-23, 2022