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[2018-09-30] Berrigan Show

26 Photos from Berrigan Show held in Berrigan on the 30th, September, 2018.

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[2018-05-05] Motors & Music - Rochester

A 9 minute video of Motors & Music held on the 5th, May, 2018.

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[2018-03-22] More Features & Other Updates!

We have added a "Live Chat" page, where you can all chat with each-other! Check it out!

We have added a page to the "Finley Show & Shine" that shows how our unique judging system works, and how YOU can help improve the system!

Updated the "About Us" page with the latest details following out 2018 AGM.

[2018-01-15] 2018 Galleries Added!

Added a Photo Gallery Section for Photos taken in 2018! The first gallery should be up later today. is online now!

[2017-11-01] Lost Photos Found!

While hunting through some old files i found more photos from cars shows, and i have added them to the appropriate albums. - Here is the list of changes:

4 Pictures added to [2012-03-25] Oaklands Show and Shine

151 Pictures added to NEW ALBUM [2013-10-05] Deniliquin Ute Muster.

3 Pictures added to [2014-01-26] Berrigan Shire Australia Day Celebrations

1 Picture added to [2014-02-22] Port Macquarie Classic Car Show (Day 1)

7 Pictures added to [2014-03-23] Oaklands Truck Show

2 Pictures added to [2014-04-13] Lake Chiltern Cancer Run

61 Pictures added to NEW ALBUM [2014-09-20] Deniliquin Car and Machinery Show.

4 Pictures added to [2014-10-05] Berrigan Show

1 Picture added to [2014-11-29] Conargo Hotel Rebuild Findraiser

[2017-10-18] Finley Show and Shine 2018 Flyer is now available!

Go to the Finley Show and Shine Page (Listed on the left side of screen on most Computers, Or in the Menu Button at the top Left of screen for Small Screen Devices) And check it out!

[2017-10-13] Migration of the Videos from the old website is complete.

Go and check out the new video gallery! It's awesome!

[2017-10-13] Migration of the Photo Albums from the old website is complete.

Go and check out the new photo gallery! It's awesome!

[2017-10-12] The October Newsletter is now online!

You can check it out in the Newsletters section now!

[2017-10-12] Welcome to our new website!

It's better than ever, with a much smoother look and a fantastic Left-Side-Menu for navigation!

Don't be afraid, take a look around!

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