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PE Challenge

Santa Rita's First Dude Perfect Video!

Second Challenge: Water Bottle Flip into TP Roll

Music Challenge

This week's music challenge is to complete your grade level assignment in Quaver Music:

User/QuaverName: SanAngelo2020 Password: SanAngelo2020

  1. Click “Enter”
  2. Click “Assignments”
  3. Select the bar on the left according to your grade level assignment.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade - High and Low/Being Polite Wk. 2

2nd & 3rd grade - Instrument Families Wk. 2

4th & 5th Grade - Sing Along Songs (2-5) Happy, Out of Africa, Sixteenth Notes, Triplet Song and more!

  1. Click “Launch”
  2. Click “Instruction” button to help you understand what to do on each screen.
Quaver Guide Video.mp4

Music Challenge

This week's music challenge is to record yourself making music to:

You can sing, play any instrument, dance or sing & play as a group. Once you record the song, submit the video using the following form