Playing a Sport and More at

Important Dates for Fall '17-18

Fall Sport Athletic Packet Clearance, in Library:

  • Football June 8th 1:00pm (conducted in Room 15)
  • Volleyball Aug 8th 9:00am
  • Girls Tennis/Girls Golf Aug 8th 9:30am
  • Cross Country Aug 8th 10:00am

Fall Sport Concussion Testing, in Library:

  • Football Players June 8th 1:00pm (conducted in Room 15)
  • Volleyball Aug 8th 9:30am
  • Cheer Aug 8th 10:30am

First Day of Football Tryouts: August 7th

First Day of All other Fall Sports: August 14th

  • Contact the Coaches directly for this information


A student must:

  • Earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in the most recent grading period (8th grade for incoming 9th graders);
  • Earn at least 20 credits in the previous grading period;
  • Be currently enrolled in at least 4 classes and on track to graduate.

To Play a Sport at SRHS in 2017-18

Students interested in participating in sport must pick up or print off an athletic packet from the main office or school website at the end of this school year or beginning of next school year. Some sports require a concussion baseline test before participation, which is conducted through the school, ask the coaches or AD for detail. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher in the latest grading period (8th grade matters for incoming 9th graders) unweighted, not cumulative, to participate, otherwise a waiver- a GPA between 1.4 and 1.9- form can be filled out (communicate with the coach and athletic director for more information). Additionally, a physical dated after June 1, 2017 will be required for any sport during next school year. If you attended a different high school at some point, you must pick up and fill out NCS paperwork, see the ADs for paperwork.

Incoming 9th Graders

Coaches can have contact with incoming 9th graders/graduated 8th graders once these three requirements are met:

  • It is after June 1st
  • The student-athlete has graduated 8th grade
  • The student-athlete is enrolled at SRHS

SRHS Athletics Chain of Command

Occasionally students or parents have an issue, comment, or complaint they would like to see dealt with under the SRHS Athletics Department. To make this situation fair and effective, there is an order of steps we request students and parents follow:

  1. Contact Coach of specific team
  2. Contact Head Coach of program
  3. Contact Athletic Director
  4. Contact Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics
  5. Contact Principal
  6. Contact School District

We take issues, comments, and complaints seriously and will work to make sure all parties needs are met and satisfied to the best of our abilities.

Physical Education Credit


For those students interested in earning PE credit by playing a season of a school sport, the process and guidelines are as follows: Student-Athlete must not miss more than 10 days of participation, at the end of the season the Student-Athlete will receive the waiver form from his/her coach, or print the form, then acquire the appropriate signatures on the form, and turn it into the Athletic Director for processing all within two weeks after the last regular season game. Forms turned in after that are concerned late and not accepted.



Scholarship opportunities for student-athletes are available, get information from the College & Career Center or one of the ADs.