Middle School Spanish

Class overview

The study of Spanish as a World Language allows students to read, write, listen, and speak in the language, while developing the ability for cross-cultural communication for personal and work-related collaboration.

Students will work with the Duolingo online program to learn Spanish as the target language, and to apply their expanding language knowledge through class communication and project based learning experiences.

Why study Spanish?

According to World Atlas (June, 2020), Spanish is the official language in the following countries:

  1. Argentina

  2. Bolivia

  3. Chile

  4. Colombia

  5. Costa Rica

  6. Cuba

  7. Dominican Republic

  8. Ecuador

  9. El Salvador

  10. Equatorial Guinea

  11. Guatemala

  12. Honduras

  13. Mexico

  14. Nicaragua

  15. Panama

  16. Paraguay

  17. Peru

  18. Spain

  19. Uruguay

  20. Venezuela

Spanish is the official language of twenty countries. Spanish is spoken in other countries too, with more than 440 million Spanish speakers, it is one of the most popular languages spoken worldwide.

If you travel, your knowledge of Spanish will help you to communicate with others, who also speak Spanish.

Learning Spanish will also help you in your work, since you can speak to others throughout the world, with your shared knowledge of the language.

Learning Spanish will allow you apply this knowledge to other related languages.

Learning Spanish is fun!

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